The journey begins

The Journey Begins
This year my new year's resolution could be stated in one word Focus. Just like the lens of a camera dials up until it brings a far away landscape or the detail of a flower into sharp relief, I want to focus this year on making art. I want to dedicate time to learning concentrating experimenting, and practicing art this year.
I am a fiber artist. I use fiber, stitch, and surface design to create art that I hope brings beauty and pleasure to those who see it.
This year I felt that my art needed a focus. I wanted the art to have continuity, for each piece to be part of a body or work, and to speak to a theme.
 Salt Creek
I chose Seasons on Salt Creek as a theme for my art.
I often walk along Salt Creek Trail, I have lived near here for a number of years, and watched the seasons change many times. I would bring my boys here and sit on a rock or a handy log, and write while they played along the creek or caught fish (yes there are fish in salt creek). My husband prowled these woods when he was a boy, and the trail was just a dirt track made by bikes, a short cut to school. 
So I thought I would concentrate this year on art and the salt creek trail. My plan is to make one finished fiber piece each month and four larger seasonal pieces, and blog about them and my journeys along the way. 
I may be posting about January's piece in February, and Winter's finishing touch in the Spring but I am committing to blog my thoughts and process at least twice a week. I hope that anyone who is following this blog enjoys my musing and art and learns some tecnique along the way. I also hope this blog helps me keep my Focus.
Thanks For Reading
Carol Perkins