A place of your own

Do you take yourself seriously as an artist? When someone asks
" And what do you do? " do you answer 
"I am an artist working in Fiber and Mixed media Collage."? 
Do you have a designated space all your own to work in?
Do you have working hours as in "My hours are ten to six,"?
These are questions we were assigned in our artist group Creativity Continuum.
I thought it might be interesting to answer them as a page on my blog.
I want to answer the question "What do you do?" In the positive " I am an artist"
Sometimes this is difficult to say, I feel it is dishonest to say since,
I am not being paid an hourly wage to create art, like the cable guy or the receptionist.
I learned from someone who lived in England that this question is considered rude outside of the USA.
A person is identified by who they are not what they do, 
and you are asked about your interests not you occupation.
I have my own studio space it is only a portion of the heated back porch
but it is mine, all mine

I have a sewing area 

With lots and lots of thread.
A design wall where I try out new ideas 
and audition new fabrics and combinations
And of course my computer where I work of photos and this blog.
I don't know if I can keep to regular working hours but if I say I am working from ten till six often enough I will respect those hours and perhaps other people will respect them too.
So that's a little tour of my Studio Space,  I plan to make a page about my wet studio in the basement, soon but first I have to take the pictures.