Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thread glorious Thread

In my art thread is not just a tool. It is my inspiration.
I love the color, texture, sheen, and incredible variety of thread available to me as a fiber artist.
I go into the fabric shop and lust after more colors of thread. I await with impatience for the coupon or sale that will let me buy more thread.
I really do use all this wonderful thread in my art. really!
I have to get just the right color, and a lighter shade,
and a darker shade for shadows. I need the right kind of thread cotton for a matte finish, polyester for top stitching, silk threads for silk applique then there's the bobbin... you get the picture.
Well, no, really I do use the thread!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow on Salt Creek Trail

It is quiet, snow has fallen in the night, and all the sounds are smaller and thinner.
The quiet surrounds me and all I can hear is my muffeled footsteps as I walk down the trail.
Salt creek is in the background muttering to it self as it wanders along drinking up the snow.
The birds are quiet too waiting for the snow to stop, and the squirrels are out performing their arial accrobatics but there are no leaves to rustle and give them away as they dance over my head, from one side of the trail to the other.
I am out here taking photographs to inspire my creations. I love the quiet and the transformation of the Trail by the snow.
I can see where the deer have come down to the creek already this morning to drink, and nibble on the bark and small straw colored plants along the creek.

I can also see where other eairlier treckers have gone before me already this morning.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Indoors making monoprints

Today is a day to stay inside and make art
so I began some mono-prints. The thread painted piece,
is stitched over recycled teabags.
I have tea every morning,
I noticed the designs left on the dried teabags looked interesting,
why not see if they would make a good background?
This is what they look like as a background for stitch.
I used glue to adhere them to painted paper, 
then layered them with rust dyed fabric and wool batting.
Then  stitched the design of a frost altered thistle. 
This is a contender for January.

The journey begins

Bright sunshine, and sharp long shadows, the earth has moved
and the sun is low in the sky even at noon. 

I can see far back into the woods with the trees bare and 
the undergrowth laid low by the hard freeze.
I can see the architecture of the land.
This land dips and weaves buckles and folds
as it tumbles toward salt creek.