Monday, February 22, 2010

Indoors making monoprints

Today is a day to stay inside and make art
so I began some mono-prints. The thread painted piece,
is stitched over recycled teabags.
I have tea every morning,
I noticed the designs left on the dried teabags looked interesting,
why not see if they would make a good background?
This is what they look like as a background for stitch.
I used glue to adhere them to painted paper, 
then layered them with rust dyed fabric and wool batting.
Then  stitched the design of a frost altered thistle. 
This is a contender for January.

1 comment:

  1. The teabags make a nice background for this piece. I love threads too. Check out fishing dept in dept store (Walmart is good one) for cheap storage ideas. Diffferent size containers available. I have some that I lay the extra large spools down in for dust free storage. Maybe you can make some by drilling into plywood or other board, then use wood glue to glue the dowels into the drilled holes. Dowels come in several different thicknesses and you can cut to height you want. You can then mount to a wall or place on shelf. This is something I'm wanting to try in my little shop for the Quilting machine threads. Soon, I hope.