Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow on Salt Creek Trail

It is quiet, snow has fallen in the night, and all the sounds are smaller and thinner.
The quiet surrounds me and all I can hear is my muffeled footsteps as I walk down the trail.
Salt creek is in the background muttering to it self as it wanders along drinking up the snow.
The birds are quiet too waiting for the snow to stop, and the squirrels are out performing their arial accrobatics but there are no leaves to rustle and give them away as they dance over my head, from one side of the trail to the other.
I am out here taking photographs to inspire my creations. I love the quiet and the transformation of the Trail by the snow.
I can see where the deer have come down to the creek already this morning to drink, and nibble on the bark and small straw colored plants along the creek.

I can also see where other eairlier treckers have gone before me already this morning.

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