Thursday, April 29, 2010

A different Kind of spring

A Different Kind of Spring
Spring is different along the trail. It is not like spring in my garden, there are no pinks or purples, no bursting blooms. There are no feathery limbs or blankets of lawn. It is greener much greener the creek is green, the trees shrubs and fields are green, green is everywhere.
Oh there are flowers.
There are flowers, but you have to hunt for them, underneath the leaves and the shrubs. They are not pink or purple nor are they red. They are white or yellow, they are subtle understated and protected not showy, or loud. 
It's a rest for the eyes.

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  1. Hi Carolann........the link in this mornings Quiltart brought me straight to your blog!!! By George, I think you've got it!!! Lovely pics! and looks like you are having a great time with tree trunks!!1 Keep up the good work....janice/Houston