Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stitching Practice

Practice Makes Perfect 
I have been practicing stitched tree trunks for my Salt creek in the Snow piece. The practice piece has distant and closer trees with the creek in the background and dried grasses in the foreground. I can tell already that the final piece will need a more closely woven, more tightly hooped fabric, to hold the tight zigzag stitch I used on the distant trees.
The different types of trees were created by using darker and lighter threads in the bobbin and top of the machiene and distance was created by varying the width and placement of the trees realitive to one another. 
Here is a closer look at the thread variations on my practice piece you can also see the pulling.
I will need a stablizer on my final finished piece.
For closer tree trunks I will use a strait stitch in varying tones from light to dark to suggest roundness and closer detail. I will also paint in a light blue shadow on the ground to suggest the way the light is shining.
You can see the shadows painted in on this practice piece. Some of my silk painting bled on this piece so I am using it for practice. I did not yet stabilize and I can see pulling in the zigzag stitched trees.


  1. oh my goodness - your artwork is stunning ! I love the stitched trees - they look perfect!

  2. Like you, trying to perfect my stitching. What size thread did you use. Do you think a thinner (as well as lighter) thread in the background would work? Just thinking out loud before I run upstairs and try it. :)

  3. Another note: I tried to access your website and couldn't. I LOVE your work and would like to see more!!

  4. The different colours of threads on the trunks are really effective!